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What Really Causes Puffy Eyes and Bags

Kidney issue

Now we’re going to talk about how to get rid of puffy eyes in those bags underneath the eyes. Putting the cucumber slices don’t really work long-term, or creams and everything. This is all an internal problem. It’s mainly a kidney problem. Now, I can see people across the street look at their eyes and are all puffy, and I’m like “oh that’s a kidney issue.”


Now, anytime you have a kidney issue, you’re going to have a liver issue. So, they’re almost similar in problems. You can’t have a really sick kidney and a healthy liver, okay? Because they both work together. The kidney is a detoxifier. It basically takes all your blood, it’s a filter, like an oil filter, and it filters the blood. So here’s what happens with a kidney.

1. Protein

Consuming excess cooked protein, too much protein. So, let’s say you’re sitting down for dinner and you’re just loading up this huge, huge plate of chicken wings or chicken fingers, and you have absolutely no vegetables. Nothing to counter that. You are just getting a lot of protein. That’s going to eventually turn into your gas crystals and a lot of excessive waste because your body can’t process more than a certain amount of protein. So, anything extra strains the kidneys and the liver. So a protein can mess it up in large amounts.

How much protein do you need? three to six ounces, that’s just a little bit. You don’t need tremendous amounts. So, excessive protein and too little vegetable. People that have the bags, have the kidney problems, usually don’t ever eat vegetables, they don’t.

2. Potassium

If you have so much potassium and so much sodium, they work together and cause fluid retention due to a sodium excess. Well, if you just have your normal potassium amounts, that alone will flush out the sodium and get rid of the fluid. So, we need four times as much potassium to sodium. A lot of people have it reversed. They’re doing four times as much sodium to potassium and they’re just like fluid waterlog and you can see it in the ankles. There’s pitting edema but this situation, it’s really the vegetable that has most of the potassium. You’re not going to get a lot of potassium from proteins.

So we need 4700 milligrams of potassium that would be 7 to 10 cups of vegetables. Unless you’re on kidney dialysis, unless you’re staged like a real bad kidney where you’re like end-stage kidney failure, consuming potassium protects the kidney. It doesn’t worsen the kidney. You need potassium to protect the kidney. When the kidney is so damaged you can’t process the potassium, it starts to increase because you’re not getting rid of it, you could end up with a lot of potassium which is dangerous to the heart.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol messes with your kidney issue. It messes with your liver. It creates the bags. A lot of people think it’s normal to drink alcohol on a regular basis. They drink a bottle of wine, two bottles of wine and If you can’t give it up, then you’re probably addicted.

4. MSG

MSG, also known as monosodium glutamate. Monosodium glutamate is a flavor enhancer. It’s in all the Chinese restaurants and they hide it not as monosodium glutamate, they hide it as modified food starch. So, it’s a water retainer and it’s a flavor enhancer. It also spikes insulin too.

5. Sugar & Junk Food

Restraint from taking processed product with sugar and unhealthy fats. Keep away from potatoes chips, refined sugar and sugary drinks or soda.

6. Prostate Enlargement

Another cause of kidney problem which would be the prostate enlargement. What happens to the prostate when it enlarges, it actually pushes up into the bladder. When it pushed up in the bladder it restricts the amount of urine in the bladder can hold, and then the urine backs up through these two little pipes called the ureters, and go right to the kidney. What happens next is the kidneys can’t filter the urine, so it backs up in the kidneys, start getting larger and larger.

Blood Sugars

When someone’s hypoglycemic insulin resistance or a diabetic, they usually have puffiness underneath the eyes. That’s because wherever the sugar goes, the water goes. So they will have a lot of water retention in pockets, in the ankles, in the hands, underneath the eyes.

So, if you have blood sugar issues, you should consume three to six ounces of protein with each meal, seven cups of vegetables which will help the blood sugars and help insulin regulate itself.

In conclusion, the kidneys do well on a lot of vegetables, a little bit of protein, and no sugary and unhealthy snacks.

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