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Understanding Protein in Relationship to Fat Burning

Understanding Protein in Relationship to Fat Burning

There are many confusions about proteins such as the amount that we should consume or is it better to turn to a vegetarian diet. The main principles behind any diet is to trigger fat burning and lose weight. Therefore, it is important to seek from the areas that can trigger fat burning hormones and the foods that can trigger these hormones.

Naturally, food always come in the form of a combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. In a diet plan, it is actually incorrect to measure daily intake based on calorie count, instead we should try to avoid fat calories. Generally, one should not just focus on proteins in diet because we may neglect other essential nutrients that our body need, especially as it relates to the liver function because if liver is dysfunctional and damage, you will become older due to the inability of liver to digest proteins. When this occurs, thyroid could also be affected since the organ works through liver.


Nuts only have 15% protein, so it cannot trigger a lot of fat burning. It has 13% carbohydrates, which is fairly low, and those carbohydrates aren’t necessarily high sugar carbohydrates. These carbs don’t turn into sugar very fast unless you have cashews. They are high in fat, but fat is neutral so in other words we don’t necessarily have to worry about fats if you want to burn fat through the hormone system.

But it is important to note that fat can irritate and clog up the liver, which often also irritates the gall bladder. To counter this, we can increase the greens and the vegetables to keep the liver healthy so as long as you’re having enough greens in the diet, about 6 or 7 cups a day, you can pretty much get away with fat.

This includes even bacon. Vegetables are almost all carbohydrates, but these carbs are not those that turns into sugars fast and as added advantage, vegetables contain high soluble fiber. 


Grains are very high in carbs but they’re different than vegetable because they’re converted into sugar very fast. In breakfast, having oatmeal which tastes like cardboard may help to lower cholesterol a little but its nutrient contents are low.

The same goes to hummus. Grains have 15% protein and 75% carbs. All types of grains including the whole-grain will affect the blood sugars. Therefore, if you’re trying to lose those fat belly, avoid all these carbs at its best.


Beans have 23% protein, which is a bit more than nuts, but its carb is 72% vs. 13% for nuts. They contain too high amount of carbs so if you’re trying to lose weight now, it can actually worsen the situation.

Beans are normally eaten cooked so you most of the enzymes are destroyed, which also means you are consuming less nutritious food. Besides, bean’s carbohydrates are especially refined, which means they will turn into sugar pretty fast.

If your metabolism is low and you take in high carbs food like beans, it will affect the fat burning process. Most people when they reach the age of 40 to 50, their metabolism rate slows down and even though you try to exercise after having a bunch of these beans, the insulin response to the sugar could last a few days.


Hummus contains 11% protein, 45% carbs and 44% fat. Hummus has fibers and it does not turn into sugar that quick. However, it is a neutral food because its nutrition is not very high so it should be considered as snack and not as part of a diet for fat burning.

Yogurt and cheese

Yogurt has 36% protein. Cheese also has a little higher protein, but this depends on what type of cheese because a cheese that aged longer has higher protein content and less carbohydrate because enzymes or bacteria that ferment the yogurt and cheese utilize the lactose, thereby reducing milk sugar. Yogurt may look beneficial but it has high amount of sugar, about 29% and is bad for weight loss. 


Fish has 93% protein, 0% carbs and 7% fat, which make them a very good fat burner. Fish helps to lessen the burden of our liver and will not cause fatty live. Seafoods are even better.

Animal protein

Animal has 59% protein which is pretty high, and it also has 0% carb so animal protein will help you to burn fat. However, it has higher fat content, so it is important enhance the vegetables intake to clean out that fat.


There is 16% protein in kale which is more than nuts, hummus and grains. However, it is also fairly high in carbohydrates, 72%. But don’t worry because these carbs do not turn into sugar very fast. Therefore, it’s low glycemic, high in soluble fiber which aid in digestion.  It also contains 15% fat in which most of them are omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are good.

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