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Top 10 food to Avoid which weaken the bone – Osteoporosis


It’s important to have vitamin D. Vitamin D from the Sun and/or from foods or supplements allow calcium to get into the bone. The majority of all calcium within our system is in our bone that’s what keeps the bone nice and strong. I like to talk about the 10 worst foods to eat particularly when it comes down to bone health. These foods actually will cause significant demineralization, loss of calcium out of the bone and lead to potential problems like hunchback, gibbous which makes you get shorter and more prone to hip fractures, spinal fractures, pain and pinched nerve.

High sodium foods

Salt contains high sodium. Salt causes excessive calcium to be excreted out of the kidney so we are losing calcium from excess salt. I do recommend moderate salt intake below 2300 milligrams a day. This will cause bone thinning loss of bone and can lead to many other problems.

Sugary snacks

Sugar is inflammatory, lower our PH which makes it more acidic make you prone to have obviously osteoporosis or loss of calcium. Sugar causes calcium depletion, increases cortisol level (stress hormone) and slow down calcium absorption.


Soda Those who drink seven or more colas or eight or more colas a week this can reduce the bone mineral density. It also increases risk of fractures due to its acidic property from sulphuric acid. It also affects postmenopausal women where it lowers the oestrogen level and oestrogen has an effect on calcium. Postmenopausal has a higher risk of potential causing more demineralization.


Coffee is rich in caffeine. Caffeine prevents assimilation of calcium. Caffeine effect towards bone can be amplified with sugary foods.


Alcohol has correlation with loss of calcium and osteoporosis. You need to really try to limit your consumption to about two to three glasses max a day.


Old bones legends some people say legumes beans prevent the absorption of calcium. Pinto beans and navy beans peas are rich in phytates. Phytates disrupt body’s calcium absorption. You can consume beans in moderate amount. There are also great things about beans such as rich in proteins and fibres. You must soak your beans overnight as it will make a huge difference.

Inflammatory foods

Tomatoes, eggplant, white potatoes and mushrooms can cause bone inflammation. You can consume vegetables but make sure you’re getting at least 1200-1300 grams of calcium. You also have to make sure you are getting vitamins D as vitamin D deficiency leads to loss of bone assimilation.

Raw spinach and Swiss Chard

Both of these contain oxalate which binds together with calcium. There

are different controversial things when it comes down to oxalate kidney stones. Urologists and nephrologists will say be careful stay away from those that spinach or that the Swiss chard. It’s true because it does have an effect with kidney stones and absorption of calcium.

Red meat

It is true that red meat is rich in protein but at the same time it also increases osteopenia which is loss of calcium. You should limit your red meat through only a couple times a week and obviously smaller portions.

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