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Things to know when you have Dandruff or Itchy scalp

Things to know when you have Dandruff or Itchy scalp

Things to know when you have Dandruff or Itchy scalp

Dandruff as we all know is a kind of white flaky stuff on your scalp that goes onto your hair. It is particularly obvious on your shoulders if you’re wearing black. Having dandruff is unpleasant, uncomfortable will definitely affect the appearance. The signs and symptoms of dandruff is itchy scalp and flaking off skins from your scalp. Switching shampoos may not be a good idea to get rid of dandruff if it isn’t the right shampoo for the problem. Dandruff problems in women is more complicated than men especially women with long hairs. This is because it is difficult to get rid of it as it gets tangled in the hair. It is also not obvious when the hair is wet.

Causes of dandruff

Technically, dandruff is a condition of an over dryness of the scalp. The scalp always secrete oils every possible time, creating a mixture that try to eliminate the dry, crusty flakes. However, if the oil is too overwhelm by the dryness of scalp, dried skin starts to flake and irritation starts. Dryness of the scalp is caused by hormones and environment change. This happens during a weather or season change such as extremely dry atmosphere during the summer. Using heaters or air-conditioning for a long time also worsen the conditions.

Use the correct hair-care products

 The most effective way to counter the problem is by soothing the scalp. It is not advisable to strip and scratch off the flakes. Or by means of using clarifying shampoo, which many people actually mistakenly practised to use it when they have dandruff. This does not eliminate the problem but worsen it because it further dries out the outer layer of the scalp. Along with this, the skin regeneration mechanism will try to secrete more oils to prevent dryness and the negative loop continues. Recommended remedy is to use natural hair products such as shampoo, conditioners, oils and styling products that act gently on the hair and scalp. The products will work its miracle by healing the hair from the inside out including the damage done to the hair by chemicals such as bleaching and highlights.

Practise proper care for scalps

 It is also important to note the correct way of using the hair care products for dandruff treatments. Apply a few pumps of scalp care oil and allow it to saturate the scalp, then leave on for a few minutes and it will turn into an emollient or paste which can be easily washed off. The paste itself will assist in clumping the flakes for better removal, more so it prevents scraping which leads to dryness. In addition, you can also use a soft bristle brush to clean the scalp. Thereafter, use shampoo and conditioner to soothe the scalp. By doing this, about 50-75% of dandruff will be removed and you may repeat the process once again to get rid of the remaining ones.

Maintain clean and clear hair follicles

There is an utmost importance to stress that a good, clean and healthy scalp will boost thick, beautiful and nourished hair growth. This is because if the focal where the hair grows out is full of debris and oil, it will be stuck, causing the hair that grows out to get finer. Keeping the follicles clean therefore encourage the best outgrowth of hair.

Apple cider vinegar

Another natural remedy you can consider after a shower is to apply apple cider vinegar on the scalp. If the smell is unpleasant to you, try diluting it with some water and put into a spray bottle, and spray your scalp to make sure the entire surface is covered by the mixture. The beneficial effect from apple cider vinegar is through balancing the pH of the scalp. In the event that you find your skin dry and cracking, it is most likely due to the off balance of the skin pH, which also explains the need of using conditioner after washing the hair with shampoo.

Shampoo helps to remove all the oils but it creates an alkaline condition so by applying conditioner, it restores the pH of the scalp. Similarly, apple cider works around the both ways as shampoo and conditioner, where it cleanses the scalp perfectly without drying them out. On top of that, try having good fruits to provide enough nutrients for the hair and body.

Things to know when you have Dandruff or Itchy scalp

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