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Important Liver Dysfunction Signs

Liver failure Signs and Symptoms

How do you know you are having a liver dysfunction? Do you want to know what the symptoms of liver dysfunction are? Here are 17 symptoms of liver dysfunction.

Symptom 1: Excessive Hormone

The patient of liver dysfunction may have excessive hormones such as Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Cartisol, etc. Liver is one of the organs that helps break down old hormones. So if you have excessive hormones in your body, it means that your liver is burdened by other things or it can mean that it has become dysfunctional.

Symptom 2: High Cholesterol

Our body makes about 80% of the cholesterol while the other 20% roughly comes from what we eat. So, if you have high cholesterol, it doesn’t mean that you’re eating too much cholesterol, it could be related to your lung not breaking down the cholesterol exactly how it is supposed to be.

Symptom 3: Acne, Skin Rashes, Brittle Nails and Split Ends

If we have acne, skin rashes, brittle nails or split ends, this shows that our inside is having a problem. The outside of the body has a direct correlation of the inside thus it usually reflects of what is happening on the inside. One of the reasons is because the liver has to do with fat digestion so if the fat is not getting out to the body, it’s not nourishing our body structures. The liver main job is to detoxify what we eat. So if that whole system is overburdened, you’re going to have issues in your hair skin and nails.

Symptom 4: Abdominal Bloating

This symptom is related to our body’s fat digestion. The liver and the gallbladder work hand-in-hand. The liver makes bile while the gallbladder stores that bile. If you eat a meal and there’s fat present, the gallbladder will be signalled to release bile to break down fat into smaller molecules. This is called emulsification. So if there were no bile at all, abdominal bloating can happen. This can suggest liver dysfunction.

Symptom 5: Haemorrhoids, Varicose Veins

If your liver is clogged, it can affect the veins thus stressing it. It will then go into the veins of the legs so there will be too much pressure on the veins causing haemorrhoids in varicose veins.

Symptom 6: Pain between Shoulder Blades

Pain between shoulder blades is a sign of the liver being clogged up due to its reflux into that area and therefore causing that pain to occur often or subsequently.

Symptom 7: Swelling in legs

Swelling could be caused from kidney or some heart issues as well, but it might also indicates your liver is not working well anymore. This happens when the liver can’t excrete excess antidiuretic hormone.

Symptom 8: Decreased Resistance to Infection

Since the liver is not working anymore, resistance to infections will decrease. This is because liver helps in cleaning our body system. So, if the liver is dysfunctional, the body will have higher tolerance towards infections.

Symptom 9: Blood Sugar Handling Problem

This symptom is related to the conversion of the sugar in our blood. It has to do with the glucose-glycogen conversion. This conversion is usually run by pancreas, adrenaline and liver. So, if liver was to stop working, it will affect the system of conversion.

Symptom 10: Food Allergies

Food allergies is one of the symptoms that can happen if the liver can’t process things. This happens when the liver is too clogged up, causing our body to have reactions to some food.

Symptom 11: Environmental Allergies

This symptom also happens due to clogged up liver. When the liver can’t process things efficiently, dusty environment cannot be tolerated by the body causing allergies such as sneezing for a long time.

Symptom 12: Hypothyroid Symptoms

Thyroid makes two main hormones. T4 and T3. T4 is the active hormone while T3 is the inactive one. The hormones are supposed to work on all the cells in the body telling them what to do. The liver functions as a converter by converting the inactive T4 to the active T3. So, if the liver is dysfunctional, hypothyroid symptoms may show on your body even though your thyroid gland is functioning well.

Symptom 13: Tenderness over Liver Area

Tenderness over liver area usually shows a sign that the liver has something going on.

Symptom 14: Fatigue

This can happen from any number of organ systems failures. In liver dysfunctional case, this means that the liver is not processing hormones and chemicals the way it’s supposed to.

Symptom 15: Itchy Skin

Itchy skin is related with fat. If your liver cannot make the right amounts of bile and the gallbladder can’t squirt it into the small intestine at the right time, this will result in you not breaking down fat. You’re not going to get oil and fat to your skin thus causing itchiness.

Symptom 16: Metallic Taste in Mouth

If the liver is overworked, the body will try to get rid of poison whether it’s a metal, mercury, LED or aluminium wherever it can. Since the body organs work together, if the liver cannot do his job, the body will reroute the poison to somewhere else.

Symptom 17: Yellow Tinge to the Skin

Yellow tinge to the skin will cause the skin to look yellowish. This is because the liver is not breaking down excess bilirubin, which makes the yellowish tinge known as jaundice. It sometimes affects the white in the eyes to turn into yellowish colour too.

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