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Foods That Can Be Dangerous for Your Skin

Foods That Can Be Dangerous for Your Skin

Avoid the following foods that are really dangerous for your skin:


Alcohol isn’t part of a healthy diet or food and it can do harm to your skin. If you like to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine in the evenings after a hard day’s work, you’ll need to think again. Drinking alcohol is one of the worst things you can do for your skin unfortunately. After the good vibes from alcohol drinking fade away, you’ll be left with tons of side effects. Alcohol causes hormone disruption that leads to acne. It weakens your immune system by destroying very important bacteria in your gut so after consuming alcohol you might not only have a hangover but also a fever because you can easily catch a cold. You will also experience skin dehydration where it will look and feel puffy. Try to set a spending limit, don’t drink before you leave the house and pace yourself if you don’t want to suffer from the negative effects of alcohol. After all, it’s better to not to drink at all and find alternatives to relieve your stress.

Rice cakes

It’s probably a surprise to find out that this supposedly healthy food is actually harmful. Rice cakes can cause wrinkles in your skin and they can even influence your brain function. This is because it’s easy to overeat these tasty treats which can result in weight gain. The nutritional value of rice cakes consists of a whole lot of nothing and even it does contain some healthy ingredient, there will only be an insignificant amount of it. Rice cakes can cause blotches and acne by promoting the formation of molecules called advanced glycation end-products, also known as AGEs. If you really enjoy rice cakes, you should consider choosing ones that contain flaxseed and try adding sprouts, turkey, tomatoes or any other vegetable according to your liking so that you’ll get healthy saturated fats, calcium and iron. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life.


This delicacy leads to premature ageing and causes acne. These popular Japanese rolls contain a large amount of salt. As we know, salt is number one enemy to health. Eating too much salt will dehydrate the skin and suck the radiance out of it, resulting in dull skin which will make you look unattractive. Furthermore, salty foods cause your body to retain fluids, including your skin cells, leading to face looking puffy. Also, rice is high in glycaemic index, meaning high consumption will cause moisture and circulation loss from the epidermis, leaving dry skin and premature aging behind. If you can’t agree with that, remember if you drop your phone in some water and you could save it by putting it in a bowl of rice? It is the same thing that works here, except it’s on your skin. This doesn’t mean you can’t have sushi at all. After having sushi, remember to drink more water and do facial exercises to help your body distribute the water evenly across your face. It is also recommended to sleep at an incline so that the fluid won’t collect on the face. It is also useful to do a cold compress and again, avoid alcohol to prevent puffiness.

Dairy products

If you notice closely, you could be struggling with acne because you enjoy plenty of dairy products. Cow milk contains growth hormone that will stimulate your skin’s oil glands, thus making your face extra oily. As a result, it is more prone for breakouts to occur. Besides, there’s a lot of low-quality milk on the market and while milk is being processed, it gets damaged due to ultra-pasteurization, evaporation, skimming and etc. These are some of the standard dairy industry’s methods for processing milk. All these actually contribute to the perfect conditions for acne. In fact, more than 75% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant and this condition can lead to the appearance of acne or eczema which could end up seriously. So, consider making major changes to your diet if you suffer from the above. However, if you really love milk, you could switch to goat’s milk or buy raw cow milk from a local farm where you can be sure that the cows are grass fed grass. It is recommended to opt for 2% milk because more fat means a higher glycaemic index which will cause dry skin.

Breakfast cereals

Cereals can be very harmful to your skin as there are absolutely no natural ingredients in it. Some of the ingredients are genetically modified, which can make your skin itchy, cause allergic reactions and lead to acne breakouts. Popular cereals often contain synthetic vitamins that our body can’t physically utilize. To get a healthier choice of cereal, choose one that contains less than 5 grams of sugar per serving. Pay attention to your portion size and eat only as much as the recommended serving size written on the box. Also, pay attention to the ingredients list especially the first 2 to 3 items listed because these are the most item contained in the box.

Processed meats

One of the reasons you could be seeing swollen skin especially after eating out might be from consuming processed meats. You can’t be sure what’s in the meat served at restaurants so you risk eating a piece full of sodium. Ham, bacon and cured meats like brined chicken contain a lot of salt and nitrites that destroy collagen and elastin in your skin, which makes your skin appear wrinkle than it actually is. The only way to make processed meats less harmful is to avoid eating them too often or even better don’t eat them at all. Fresh and natural is always the way to go.


Juice is healthier than soda, but it turns out juice is not as innocent as it may seem. It contains just as much sugar as Cola does and this sugar breaks down the collagen in your skin and makes it rough. Juice lacks fibre, which means that what you are drinking isn’t providing your skin with the necessary nutrients. Using fruit juice as an ingredient in face masks are actually putting your skin at risk of chemical burn, for example if you go out in the sun, lemon juice can permanently damage your skin. The best way is avoid drinking juice but replace them with blending natural fruits and vegetables into smoothies to make sure that your body gets all of the good vitamins and minerals it needs. Of course, the most nutritious way is to eat fruits raw so that you’ll get the antioxidants and vitamins contained naturally.

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