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10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Varicose Veins and Increase Blood Flow

10 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Varicose Veins and Increase blood flow

Occasionally we may experience cold feet or numbness in the toes and fingers but if this happens regularly, it is a sign that the blood circulation is poor which might ultimately result in kidney issues, varicose veins problems and other not-so-pleasant diseases. Prevention is better than cure, therefore take actions quickly to avoid any undesired health problems. Here are some tips to help improve the blood circulation.

Getting a pet

Getting a pet is one of the best decisions as it turns out as a great measure for health. Pet can be a faithful friend to us and owning a pet especially a dog could reduce the risk of heart disease according to the American Heart Association. This is because forming a special connection with your pet will lower your heart rate when you are around them, particularly in handling stress, therefore pets also promote positive emotional state. Besides, walking your dog every day allows you to practise more cardiovascular exercises which are beneficial for the heart function and blood vessels.

Choose wine over beer

Beer is not that bad for blood circulation but wine has a better effect. A clinical trial conducted in 2015 confirmed that wine of the red kind can enhance your heart as compared to other types of alcohol on the shelf. This is because wine contains antioxidants and other plant compounds which prevents blood platelets from sticking to one another, eventually reducing risk of blood clots. Blood clot is the main reasons for stroke and heart attacks. Despite of the benefits, it is important to practise a moderate approach while consuming wine. The best amount of wine intake daily is one drink for women and not more than to for men. Consider adding a glass of wine to the daily ration not just improve blood circulation but the physical state as well.

Eat spicy food

Spicy food consumption is thought to be beneficial when the blood circulation is poor. The spicy products include cayenne pepper and red pepper were found to dilate blood vessels, thereby increasing the blood flow and improving the cardiovascular function. They are helpful in maintaining a normal blood pressure and improves poor blood flow, warming you up so that you will not show signs of cold hands and feet. Alternatives which are least spicy to cayenne peppers are onion and garlic. Adding these into the diets will result in great effects as garlic relaxes the blood vessels and increases the level of hydrogen sulphide while onions contain high amount of antioxidants that prevent formation of blood clots. In these cases, blood circulation is regulated efficiently.

Quit smoking

It is crucial to quit smoking from your lifestyle as regular smoking destroys important antioxidants in the body and in a long run promotes high blood pressure. Smoking will affect almost every organ in the body including the heart and blood vessels. The main culprit behind the negative effects of smoking is tobacco which harbours carbon monoxide that harms blood cells and damages the functioning of the hear. When blood circulation is at stake, the whole system in your body will turn haywire. Smoking was also proven to be one of the biggest risk factors for heart disease, acting as a slow poison that destroys your body.

Wear the right clothes

One of the simplest of things may have an impact on our health and physical condition, and it is the clothes we wear. Clothes play a large role in affecting blood circulation. As suggested by health personnel, it is not recommended to wear tight clothing for a long period of time. This is due to tight pants or skinny jeans pressing on the circulation, which in turn facilitate the development of varicose veins. Many comfortable and loose clothing such as blouses, jeans and shirts not only allow adequate blood to circulate through the system, they also ensure free movements.

Drink green tea

Green tea’s big impact on health and physical state relies on its anticancer, cholesterol lowering and weight loss properties. Apart from also promoting active brain activity, it encourages proper blood circulation. Green tea is naturally rich in antioxidants which helps to widen the blood vessels and consequently the blood flow. It also has arteries relaxation effect. The optimum amount of green tea which should be consumed daily is one or two cups of green tea.

Foods rich in folic acid

Folic acid-rich food is goo for health because it aids in cellular growth and regeneration. Being an important component for the creation of red blood cells, folic acid also prevents anaemia and improve blood clotting. Dark leafy greens such as spinach, turnip greens and lettuce are the great source of folic acid. Other foods include broccoli, avocado, citrus fruits (oranges and grapefruits, papayas, bananas, strawberries), beans, peas, lentils seeds and nuts (sunflowers seeds, almonds and walnuts), California beets, corns and carrots.

Elevate your feet

Elevating your feet every day above the level of your heart improves circulation as it takes the pressure off the veins and legs. This also helps in relaxation after a long hard day. A small simple movement like this reduces the stress, swelling and pressure of blood vessels and veins. Getting a good feet massage while they’re elevated is also an added advantage. Small exercise such as circling your elevated feet for about 20 minutes repeatedly during the day will also improve the blood circulation.

Get a massage

Having a massage weekly is a solution to poor blood circulation as good massage increase local circulation through stimulation of blood flow in the soft tissues. Several studies also reported that massage positively affects the peripheral vascular function. when you have poor blood circulation. However, massage should be done correctly with firm but gentle movements aimed towards the heart to promote limp and blood flow. During a massage, you can also make good use of almond, coconut, and olive oils. You can also do a self-massage as well by placing a foam roller on the ground and pressing the sore muscles against it and roll. This method gives out a feel of relaxation.

Drink more water

Our system needs water to work properly especially the circulatory system. Blood itself contains a big percentage of water, hence drinking the proper amount water throughout the day will promote positive effect on the blood circulation. The amount of water recommended by doctor is approximately eight glass a day. The exact amount of water one should consume varies depending on the age, gender and lifestyle. This can be done by using a hydration calculator available on the internet. By getting these information on hand, you can properly stay hydrated and feel better.

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